Video Repository

Presentation videos are available for download below, and can also be viewed on the Software Studies YouTube channel.

Amy Alexander
UCSD, Visual Arts
"Software Art"

Ian Bogost
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Platform Studies"

Geoff Bowker
Santa Clara University
"Software Values"

Benjamin Bratton
"All Design is Interface Design"

Jordan Crandall
UCSD, Visual Arts
"Unmanned Systems as Assemblages"

Jeremy Douglass
UCSD, Software Studies Initiative
"#Include Genre"

Kelly Gates
UCSD, Communication
"Forensic Analysis of Surveillance Video"

Anne Helmond
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Software-Engine Relations"

William Huber
UCSD, Visual Arts
"Soft Authorship"

Matthew Kirschenbaum
University of Maryland
"Preservation as Software Studies"

Peter Lunenfeld
Art Center College of Design

Lev Manovich
UCSD, Visual Arts
"Cultural Analytics"

Mark Marino
"Critical Code Studies"

Michael Mateas
"Authoring and Expression"

Nick Montfort
"My Generation About Talking"

Rita Raley
"The Time of Codework"

Warren Sack
"From Software Studies to Software Design"

Phoebe Sengers
Cornell Unversity
"Critical Technical Practice; or Turning Software Studies Inside-Out"

Cicero Silva
FILE, Brazil
"Software Studies Brazil"

Stefan Tanaka
UCSD, History
"Time, History, New Media"

Tristan Thielmann
University of Siegen, Germany
"Grounding Web 3.0: The Untold History of SoftWhere"

Noah Wardrip-Fruin
UCSD, Communication
"Expressive Processing"