About SoftWhere 2008

The workshop took place at U. California San Diego in Atkinson Hall, home of Calit2, a preeminent research center for future computing and telecommunication, where the Software Studies Initiative @ UCSD is located and currently collaborating with researchers on several exciting projects. The workshop was also been timed to precede (and coordinate with) the the HASTAC II conference which began in nearby UC Irvine on the evening of Thursday May 22, 2008.

Wedesday afternoon sessions featured a public Pecha Kucha session during which participants each performed a 7-minute speed-presentation on some area of work related to software studies. Thursday sessions involved strategic discussion on field formation issues and future collaborations. The SoftWhere'08 workshop was sponsored by Calit2, CRCA, HASTAC, UCDARNet, and the UCSD Visual Arts Department.

Time: Wed. May 21 - Thu. May 22, 2008
Wed. May 21: UCSD Faculty Club, Atkinson Pavilion
Thu. May 22: Atkinson Hall 5302 (Calit2 building)

Related: Affiliated HASTAC II Conference, UC Irvine, Thu. May 22- Sun. May 25

Directions to Faculty Club

Directions to Atkinson Hall
UCSD campus map

[UCSD Faculty Club's Atkinson Pavilion]
Wed 12:30 - Welcome / Introduction
Wed 01:00 - WHO: "Pecha Kucha" speed-presentation format with reports on current research
[15 minute breaks at 2pm and 4pm]
Wed 05:30 - Reception
Wed 07:00 - Speakers dinner

[Atkinson Hall 5302]
Thu 09:30 - Welcome / Introduction
Thu 10:00 - WHAT - strategy round-table on field formation
[15 minute break at 10:45]
Thu 11:00 - HOW - strategy round-table on future projects
Thu 11:45 - Closing statement
[lunch at 12pm]
Thu 1:00 - tour of selected Calit2 and CRCA labs
Thu 2:00 - participants in HASTAC conference leave for UC Irvine